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Diamond Grinding / FloorPRO Tile Lifter Trolley Combo Product code: HOFPTL

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The FloorPRO Tile Lifter Trolley is an innovative demolition tool for the fast and easy removal of floor tiles, vinyl and cork from concrete and wooden surfaces. It can also be used to remove residue from tile beds and for breaking rocks, blocks, concrete and standstone. The FloorPRO Tile Lifter Trolley quickly removes floor tiles with some customers claiming they can do their demolition job up to 6 times faster than when using a jackhammer alone. No more struggling or bending trying to handle heavy jackhammers.

  • Tile Smasher (Suits Makita HM1317C)
  • Tile Lifter 75mm Wide Chisel (Suits Makita HM1317C)
  • FloorPRO Tile Lifter Trolley
  • Makita Demolition Hammer 30mm Hex HM1317C 1510W

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