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Carpet Residential/Domestic / MEMORY Hi Life Bonded Foam 11mm 130kg Product code: HLBFM

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Product Details

Memory is the most luxurious carpet underlay based on a unique hybrid combination of memory foam and traditional polyurethane foams. Memory foam is a visco-elastic foam, which absorbs and stores energy before it is released, thereby distributing weight and pressure more evenly for the ultimate in comfort. Not only does the memory foam soften every step it ultimately prolongs the life or your carpet by absorbing day to day impact.

  • Quieter - Double the absorption of industry standard foam underlays
  • Healthier - Sensitive Choice approved, for those who suffer from asthma and allergies.
  • Warmer - Enhanced thermal insulation properties.
  • NZ Made


11mm 130kg 5 Broadloom mtrs

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