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Moisture Control / Protect Crete X420 Lustre Keep Product code: PCX42015L

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X420 Luster Keep is a single pack spray or mop on polish that gives total concrete protection to Diamond polished or Burnished concrete with an attractive high gloss, easy to maintain, tough as steel, stain resistant environmentally friendly finish. Its got the lot! Responds beautifully to High Speed buffing. Independent slip testing carried out by Advanced Technology Testing and Research "ATTAR" These reports available in Pdf format on request.

Can be applied over Oxtek X300 Surface Repeller or Oxtek X400 Luster Shield or Oxtek X520 Warehouse to bring these sealer products up to a higher shine.

Can also be applied directly over floors previously treated with Densi-Proof, Moisture-Fix or X100 as an inexpensive polish concrete effect. However the surface sealing of the floor will always be better if X420 Luster Keep is applied over the base products listed in the second paragraph.



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