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Crain Tools / Crain 290 Seam Cutter Plus Product code: 290

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Product Details

Crain 290 Seam Cutter Plus

  • This cutter excels on carpets with zigzag ("hydra-shift") tufting including commercial loop pile and Berber carpets.
  • The blade runs directly behind the centre row guide. This keeps the blade away from the offset yarns at the hydra-shift "stopovers". This prevents the yarns from being sheared, which can cause unsightly seams.
  • The wide base keeps the blade perpendicular to the yarns, further preventing shearing.
  • The tool can also be used as a trimmer for precisely trimming carpet up to Z-bar or vinyl molding.
  • For Z-bar,retract the row guide and the seam cutting (slotted razor) blade, and install standard utility blades on the back side.
  • The outer edges of the base provide variable guidance for trimming the right amount of carpet to tuck under the Z-bar, based on the thickness of the adjacent flooring.
  • For vinyl molding, retract the row guide and slotted blade, remove a portion of the base, and install utility blades on the back side of the cutter.
  • An interior slot positions the utility blades so they leave the right amount of carpet to tuck beneath the vinyl molding.

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