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Holer Grinding Tools / New Fast Fix Shoes Product code: FFShoes

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Product Details

New Fast Fix Shoes Diamond Grinding ? Want more Speed ?

  • Reduce the RPM Speed or
  • Change upto a softer bond ie. from HM to LH, or
  • Change from DS (Double Segments) to SS (Single Segments)
Diamonds wearing too fast ?
  • Increase the RPM Speed or,
  • Increase quantity of shoes, i.e. from 3 shoes to 6 or,
  • Change down to harder bond i.e. from UH to HM, or
  • Change from SS (Single Segment) to DS (Double Segments)
Store up to 6 sets of our Fast Fix diamond grinding shoes in this very robust case Ensures that when you turn up on site that your have all your shoes with you.
    The Starter Set comes with 6 x UH2, 6 x MS2 and 6 x HM4 all in double segments. Complete with hammer and colour/code chart


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