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Gradus - Stair Nosing / PV1 Rigid PVC Carpet Product code: PV1

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Product Details

PV1 - An attractive PVC stair nosing with slip resistant inserts. Mid/Dark Grey in Colour. PV1 single insert profile is typically used with textile floorcoverings.

    Top Width = 65mm - Drop = 31mm - Insert = 1 x 44mm
    • Gradus Anti Slip Insert Colours: Burgandy, Buttercup, Coffee, Evergreen, Ocean, Poppy, Snowdrift and Steel.
    • Photolumincsent Insert Available upon request.
    • Exterior/Grease Resistant Anti Slip Insert: In any installation location where contaminants such as oils, grease and fats are likely to be trafficked onto stair nosings, or in exterior areas exposed to moisture the Gradus exterior insert must be used. Available in Black and Yellow.
    • Complete Fixing Kit: Includes anti-slip insert which is fitted after fixing of aluminium or PVC stairnosing, in addition to screws and fixing plugs. Adhesive also available.
    • Cleaning and Maintenance: Gradus inserts should be cleaned regularly to maintain their appearance. This also helps prevent build up of dirt and grease, which may reduce anti-slip properties. Floor sealants/polishes and solvent cleaners reduce anti-slip properties and should not be used. Please contact Gilt Edge Industries for environment specific advice.


65mm x 31mm



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