Gilt Edge Architectural

With a team of local ‘best in class’ supply partners assisting in specification development and offering specialist technical advice, Gilt Edge Architectural services has evolved. Using our four key sections in Masterspec, we partner with Architects and Specifiers nationally, to deliver trusted technical advice and hands on Seamless Flooring Systems Specification development. Our focus is to mitigate project risk, develop innovative solutions and ensuring your project installations are NZ Building Code/NZ Flooring Association Standards compliant.

Consultation and Masterspec Services Delivery:

For general advice and technical assistance, we are just a call away, but for projects large and small we support your project with Masterspec PartnerNet Service. Firstly, we assess your project and consult on your technical requirements. This is best done in the early stages of project development. When the Masterspec Specification Sections need formatting, simply email a PartnerNet Support Request to us for the Gilt Edge Masterspec Sections required. We will then write technically robust Masterspec Sections for you, then send back live into your Master Specification Document via PartnerNet Support.

Green Star Compliance as Standard:

All our Masterspec and Generic Seamless Flooring Systems Specification are always Green Star compliant. The Green Star NZ V3 Technical manual states that VOC emissions can be demonstrated through the provision of test results showing compliance to a recognised Ecolabel or a recognised Indoor Air Quality Scheme.


An extensive Gradus nosings range, including the Gradus XT with extended insert design, to the safety benefits of Giltgrip Ecoglo (photoluminescent) we have the interior/exterior project solutions.


Protect Crete NZ Ltd unique and VOC free technology not only cures, waterproofs, repels contamination, hardens, densifies and protects the concrete but enables topical coatings such as vinyl and other floor coverings, line marking, paint, epoxies and sealers rapid application, resulting in significant project cost savings. New formulation with SteriTouch delivers permanent protection from bacteria, viruses and moulds and is HACCP approved.


With rapid installation systems for all types of floor coverings, with levelling compounds and damp-proofing/wet room systems, adhesives for textile and resilient coverings as well as wood flooring, the whole range comprises practical products and solutions for today’s most demanding build projects


Gilt Edge has a number of residential and commercial underlay systems designed to enhance the feel & performance of new carpet from double-stick installation in commercial areas to systems designed for gyms, sporting areas & high-end commercial areas where high impact absorption and noise reduction is required.