On The Floor Newsletter – March / May 2019

1969-2019 – 50 Years, Half A Century, The Golden Jubilee

In 1969, Neil Armstrong walks on the moon, 400,000 people turn up at Woodstock and Gilt Edge started producing “Tackless Gripper” in a small manufacturing base in Christchurch NZ, what a memorable year.

From such humble beginnings finds us 50 years on as one of the leading solution provider and wholesaling distributors in NZ for flooring construction, installation and preparation products. We’ve grown to 9 locations nationwide which are all proudly supported by a team of 30 professional and energetic staff.

Over the past 20 years our working Directors Chris Dickey (MD) and Nick Richardson (GM) have together with the support of the GEIL team driven and evolved the business as we see it today. Grant Dickey (Founder) and shareholder still remains active at board level.

We are proudly 100% NZ owned and managed. What an achievement !!!