ADOS Solvent N is a good general-purpose adhesive solvent cleaner used for cleaning equipment, brushes, rollers etc. contaminated with neoprene adhesives. It is used for pre-wiping surfaces prior to applying adhesives and can soften dried flooring adhesives to assist with easier removal. If added to adhesives as a thinner, use only sparingly to reduce viscosity and aid with flow characteristics.

Features & Benefits

  • Cleans surface in preparation for a contact adhesive
  • Removes old, dried adhesive
  • Cleans brushes & application equipment


  • Used as a thinner – Use as a thinner with neoprene contact adhesives to apply a primer coat or assist spraying
  • Used as a Cleaner – It is a good general purpose cleaner of brushes, materials and equipment contaminated by neoprene adhesives

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