Slump-free, Feather Edge Patching Compound
* Levelling and repairing of steps and landings
* Can be applied to feather edge
* Rapid hardening

ARDEX A 30 is a slump free feather edge patching compound that is designed for internal filling of cavities, holes, unevenness and patching work in wall and floor areas. When mixed with water the result is a smooth slump free mortar with a pot life of approximately 15 minutes. ARDEX A 30 dries fast through hydration to a virtually tension free compound.

Floor Coverings:
* Linoleum, vinyl, carpet
* Ceramic and quarry tiles
* Timber – parquetry and floating

* New and existing concrete
* Concrete masonry or cement render
* Impervious surfaces primed with ARDEX P 82

Ardex A30 TDS

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Ardex A30 MSDS

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Ardex A30 VOC

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Ardex A30 Spec Sheet

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BPIR Ardex Cements

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