Bostik SuperTak High Performance (HP) aerosol adhesive is a fast tack, fast grab, low soak-in spray adhesive especially formulated to bond polyethylene to itself, concrete block, wood and many hard-to-bond surfaces. Synthetic rubber blend with good heat resistance. Go to for all difficult substrates, temporary or permanent bonds. For cleaning Bostik Solvent No.2 or No.3.

Recommended Uses

  • Used to bond paper, cardboard, fabric, urethane foam, foil, metal, wood and most plastics to itself and a variety of other substrates.
  • Attaching carpet, door skins, and fabric in van conversions
  • Bonding swimming pool liners
  • Bonding various plastics to each other
  • Forming permanent bonds between porous and nonporous surfaces
  • Installing insulation
  • Permanently affixing name plates
  • Labelling applications

Note: Not suitable for Teflon, Plasticized PVC, Polystyrene foam.

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