Crain 301 Cushion Back Cutter

  • This cutter trims seam edges for better seams.
  • The precision blade pockets on both left and right sides hold the slotted razor blades without screws.
  • The 30 degree blade angle cuts attached cushion carpets cleanly.
  • The front guide is bevelled to follow the carpet’s rows.
  • The soft grip handle provides comfort and control. For best results, trim WITH (in the direction of) the nap sweep of the carpet.
  • Beginning at a starting point on the left side of the seam, trim with the left blade down in the direction of the nap sweep. Return to this same starting point on the right side of the carpet and trim with the left blade down in the same direction. This procedure simulates the factory spacing of the carpet’s rows on most carpets.
  • When necessary, to trim both edges as close as possible to the tufts, trim the right side of the seam with the right blade down, then on the left side retract the right blade and trim with the left blade down.