MMS2 Flooring Kit.

The Protimeter MMS2 Flooring Kit allows flooring inspectors to make moisture measurements in concrete floor slabs using the relative humidity in-situ probe method.  The in-situ humidity test is being adopted worldwide and is considered the most accurate way for contractors and inspectors to ensure that the moisture levels in the concrete slab meet the recommended requirements prior to installing a floor covering.

Moisture levels in floor slabs are critical to understand as excessive moisture can lead to catastrophic and expensive floor failures.  Global standards are in place such as ASTM F2170.

Measurements Include:

  • In-situ relative humidity and temperature – required for ASTM F2170 standard.


  • Relative humidity and temperature in the ambient conditions – required for ASTM F2170 standard.


  • Surface temperature – required for ASTM F2170 standard.


  • Non-invasive instant moisture evaluation used prior to in-situ RH moisture test.


  • Pin type moisture measurement, evaluating wood floor materials.


  • Data Logging.


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