Concrete curing and permanent water proofer with added ingredient giving surface repellence and stain resistance against water, oils, chemicals, microbes mould and mildew, and more.

Densi-Proof + X300 Surface Repeller achieves the cure effect and benefits required by NZS 3109:1987.

Densi Proof + X300 surface repeller is designed for use on newly placed concrete using non atomising low pressure spray apparatus, such as a pump pack sprayer. On existing set concrete a two-part application should be used. That is apply Densi-Proof on its own first then afterwards apply X300 as a separate application.

The reason for this is that Densi-Proof will purge out impurities and contamination from existing concrete as it chemically reacts with the lime in the concrete to form the permanent aquagel within the concrete pores. The X300 would contain this purging on the surface which could be unsightly or affect the X300s ability to dry properly.