Protect embedded reinforcing steel X280 Densi-Proof plus Reo Protect is a spray applied treatment that is specifically engineered to penetrate into the capillaries and pores of reinforced concrete structures to protect embedded reinforcing steel. In addition, Densi-Proof plus Reo Protect reconditions the pH of old concrete, and seals and waterproofs the concrete capillary and pore structure, hence improving resistance to chemical and environmental attack.

Within the concrete capillary and pore structure, Densi-Proof plus Reo Protect reacts with free alkali to seal the capillary and pore space. The reaction chemically completes, leaving a stable gel within the concrete capillary and pore structure, thereby reducing water migration to levels acceptable for most adhesives, coatings and coverings. Densi-Proof plus Reo Protect penetrates to protect accessible reinforcing steel.

Densi-Proof plus Reo Protect withstands over 250-feet of Hydrostatic Pressure and can be effectively applied on the positive or negative side of concrete structures. There is minimum site disruption that allows early access for other trades.