* 3 HP (2.2 kW), 240V/50Hz motor
* Weight: 14.5 kg
* Working width: 210 mm
* Use T-bar handle in upright position for floors
* Remove T-bar handle to use as a hand tool
Designed as a tool to remove floor coverings such as tile, carpet, linoleum, CV, and PVC, the ROLL Bullystripper 210mm scraper is defined as a multi-purpose surface preparation machine excelling on small, medium, and large-sized projects. Stairwells, as well as tight and compact areas, are easily tackled with this scraper machine.

With the ability to use the T-bar handle in a pleasant upright position for flooring or to remove the T-bar handle in order to use the machine like a hand tool, it is clear why the ROLL Bullystripper 210mm scraper is considered one of the most versatile and cost-effective surface preparation scrapers in today’s market.

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