Based on the “big” ROLL-STRIPPER RO-1, the new ROLL-STRIPPER RO-2 combines innovative and unique components for maximum area performance with compact dimensions.

Powerful industrial engines
One each for the drive and the striking mechanism offer power reserves even in the toughest applications.
10amp single phase with inverter technology

Innovative drive technology
By chains with abrasion-resistant rectangular rubber elements with 10x larger contact surface than wheels.

Movable tool axis
Compensates for uneven floors.

Innovative Tool Technology
With vacuum-hardened stripper tools in different sizes and shapes up to 350mm width. Due to the vacuum hardening, the tool can be re-sharpened.

Joystick operation
For infinitely variable speed control forwards and backwards up to 23 meters per minute. With 1.5x faster reverse speed.

Individually adjustable
The multi-adjustable handle can easily be customized to the operator, ensuring an ergonomic operation.

Low vibration and noise level
Through the use of industrial electric engines use in residential and noise-sensitive buildings such as hospitals and schools is possible.

Easy to transport
The included transport wheels with pneumatic tires, a foldable handle and modular design, the ROLL-STRIPPER RO-2 can be easily disassembled into 2 parts for easy transport, even in smaller vehicles.