Trimtec Underlay is a high quality, highly durable underlay product designed to be used over strip timber, particleboard, plywood and concrete floors to provide a flat, uniform, indent resistant base for all sheet floor coverings. Trimtec Underlay is manufactured using an ISO 9001 certified process and complies with AS/NZS 1859.4:1997 – reconstituted wood based panels – Hardboard. Installation of Trimtec Underlay will be compliant to AS/NZ 1884-2012. Highly resistant to indentations caused by point loads from items such as table legs, chairs, stool, book cases, wall units and high heel shoes.

  • Provides a flat, uniform, indent resistant surface on which to lay resilient sheet or tile floor coverings.
  • Trimtec Underlay is tough, flexible and resistant to cracking or fracturing.
  • The smooth surface of Trimtec Underlay allows even and economical application of adhesive.
  • Easy to work and fix with normal wood working tools and flooring installation equipment.

SIZE: 1220mm x 915mm x 5.5mm

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