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Giltgrip Ecoglo Stair Nosing / Giltgrip Ecoglo SC1 Stair Nosing 52mmx25mm Product code: EGSC1

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Product Details

The benefits of Giltgrip Ecoglo (photoluminescent) Stair Nosings are clear when compared to other alternatives. Giltgrip Ecoglo Stair Nosings are cost effective, sustainable, durable and failsafe.

  • Utilise ambient light in most cases meaning little or no power usage
  • No replacement parts ie no batteries or lamps, so no hazardous waste
  • Extremely durable - warranted for 30 years indoors and 15 years outdoors
  • Operate instantly each time the power fails
  • Compliance : NZ Building Code (NZBC) Clause F6
  • Compliance: UL1994 and NZBC F6

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