PRODUCT CODE: ARDNA20 20kg Powder & ARDNA4.8 4.8kg Liquid

Self Levelling & Smoothing Compound
* Superior flow – Self smoothing
* Low odour – User friendly
* Rapid hardening

ARDITEX NA Self Levelling and Smoothing Compound is a two-part latex liquid and cementitious powder with excellent adhesion properties.
Engineered with high water resistance, ARDITEX NA can be installed under flexible waterproof membranes. With enhanced flexibility, ARDITEX NA is particularly suitable for installation over timber floors.
 Floor Coverings:
* Linoleum, vinyl, carpet
* Ceramic and quarry tiles
* Floating timber

Arditex NA TDS

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Arditex NA Powder MSDS

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Arditex NA Liquid MSDS

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Arditex VOC

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