Cementitious, extremely fast drying 1-component Flex-Filler-Primer with hard elastic properties for substrates in need of renovation or on wooden floorboards
Extremely fast drying
High formability due to “hard-elastic” properties
Excellent adhesion to the substrate

– on critical existing substrates
– for dense or less absorbent substrates
– on magnesia and stonewood screeds
– on rough sanded wooden floorboards, wood flooring or other jointed wooden substrates
– on matt sanded coatings
– suitable for warm water underfloor heating
– for exposure to castor wheels in accordance with DIN EN 12 529
– for heavy wear in residential, commercial, and industrial areas

Fills, seals, and smoothes in one application
Hydraulically setting
Application thickness up to 4 mm
Flexible and ductile after setting
Up to 25 % higher consumption than UZIN PE 630