Floor levelling for installation of large quality sprung gymnasium timber floor

A major floor levelling project at Rototuna School in Hamilton

Challenge: At Rototuna School, Hamilton, Lobell Construction were given the task of having a large concrete floor levelled to install a high quality sprung gymnasium timber flooring system that required minimal variation in the substrate surface.

Solution: Specialized flooring were contracted to undertake this project of approx. 1,000sqms of floor area. They measured the floor for height variation with specialised laser equipment in 4sqm grids. Uzin self-adhesive levelling pins were placed and cut to the height required and Uzin PE280 water based fast drying primer was used prior to 450bags of Uzin NC160 self-levelling compound being mixed and applied to produce a level floor.

Result: Another quality Gilt Edge flooring System specified using Uzin products to produce a quality level floor for the sprung timber floating system to be applied upon and provide the school with a gymnasium floor they can be proud off.