Protect Crete X550 & X100 solution for large warehouse development

Auckland based concrete placing specialists RGC Business Development Manager Brent Atkinson needed a solultion for the concrete treatment of a large new warehouse developmet in Wiri being built by Bodley Construction.

For the 7,800m2 warehouse Brent chose X550 CARPARK Warehouse™ for rapid application and superior finish. X550 CARPARK Warehouse™ is a proprietary silicate siliconate water based formulation which can be applied to new and existing concrete, providing an excellent cure regime, reduced dusting, surface hardening and stain repeller resistance from oils, and is compatible with line marking acrylic or solvent based paints.
Achieves the cure requirements of NZS 3109,1997 & NZS 3101: Part1:2006. Has no effect on inherent slip coefficient of the surface.

For the 5,000m2 exterior access and loading areas Brent chose Protect Crete X100 Green Cure for a fast and cost effective curing method. X100 Green Cure is a non membrane forming colloidal silicate proprietary solution that provides an exceptional cure regime equal to water pond curing, with no water required. It is applied to the concrete surface immediately after initial set. Conforms to and achieves the cure requirements of NZS 3109:1997 and NZS 3101: Part 1:2006. Has no effect on inherent slip coefficient of the surface

For specialist Protect Crete concrete treatment application Brent used grinding and finishing specialists Solid Floors Limited, with director Grant Fosters skill to achieve outstanding concrete finishing results, when applying X550 CARPARK Warehouse™ to burnished surfaces.