Protect Crete X550 CARPARK Warehouse™ chosen for freight hub

Bed, Bath & Beyond freight handling area gets special treatment

Auckland based concrete grinding and finishing specialists Solid Floors Limited director Grant Foster needed a solution to supress dusting and contamination of the Bed Bath & Beyond Wiri central hub freight handling area.

With direct access into the main warehouse dusting and contamination from the 2,400m2 concrete slab had been tracking inside.

Grant needed fast and cost effective concrete treatment and chose X550 CARPARK Warehouse™. X550 CARPARK Warehouse™ is a proprietary silicate siliconate water based formulation which can be applied to new and existing concrete, providing an excellent cure regime, reduced dusting, surface hardening and stain repeller resistance from oils, and is compatible with line marking acrylic or solvent based paints.

Achieves the cure requirements of NZS 3109,1997 & NZS 3101:Part 1:2006. Has no effect on inherint slip coefficient of subfloors.