Seamless Flooring System future proofs hospital wet areas

Seamless Flooring Systems helps prevent leaks and water damage at Middlemore Hospital

The Seamless Flooring System by Gilt Edge Industries Ltd features a built-in waterproof membrane to prevent leaks and water damage at Middlemore Hospital’s new Acute Mental Health Unit.

Designed by Klein Architects, the new Acute Mental Health Unit at Middlemore Hospital will cater for up to 76 patients, and includes numerous ensuite bedrooms, activity rooms and therapy spaces across the two stage build. Longevity was a key requirement for the design, and a key component of this future-proofing was the specification of flooring for ensuites and other wet areas.

While vinyl has traditionally been the go-to for wet area flooring and walls in hospitals, Klein Architects aimed to ensure the integrity of the interior structure beyond the vinyl by adding an extra layer of protection. They approached flooring experts Gilt Edge Industries Ltd who recommended one of their Seamless Flooring Systems.

The chosen Seamless Flooring System includes a comprehensive build-up for concrete floors — from primers, bulk fill, mortar and waterproofing, right through to the adhesive for vinyl application. Key for the system’s durability is a flexible waterproof membrane layer, which is installed beneath the vinyl to provide a second line of defence from moisture ingress. The system comes with a single system warranty, ensuring peace of mind for both clients and architects.

The system was designed by Gilt Edge Industries Ltd. in response to issues where penetration of vinyl in wet areas had caused leaks, over time rotting out framing and affecting the structural integrity of the building. “This is where we add a second line of defence,” says Ian Williams of Gilt Edge Industries Limited. “A BRANZ appraised waterproofing membrane sits under the vinyl and protects the vinyl breaks. It runs up the wall and around the floor in the wet zone, to stop any ingress of moisture.”

Not only did Gilt Edge Industries Ltd. provide the full specification for this project, but they also advised on installation, training vinyl flooring installers on how to install the full waterproof system. This has been beneficial for the clients, Counties Manukau Health, who have now requested the system be used in future.

Stage one of the project is on track to be completed mid-2018, with stage two starting shortly after. Once complete hospital staff and patients will have a structurally sound facility that lasts well into the future, thanks in part to the Gilt Edge Seamless Flooring System.