Sloping floor in need of carpet tiles

A seamless refurbishment project at the Unitec Mt Albert Campus Atrium

Area: Approximately 350m2

Contractor: Surfprep team with project manager Justin Lopez.

Project problem: Existing floor area covered in old ceramic tiles in poor condition. Floor slopping over entire area so unable to be topped with gravity levelling systems. New carpet Tile installation required.

Project Solution: Loose tiles removed and entire area primed with UZIN PE 280 Primer for Smooth and Non Porous Surfaces. Primed surface repaired and smoothed over with UZIN NC182 Trowel Applied High Strength rapid Cure Smoothing Compound. Carpet Tiles Glued to refurbished surface with Gilt Grip 66 Pressure Sensitive Carpet Tile Adhesive./

Contractor: Surfprep Ltd with Project Manager Justin Lopez.

Result: Another quality Gilt Edge Seamless Flooring System applied.